Willam Tatham

Executive Chairman & CEO

Mr. Tatham has successfully negotiated U.S. Exclusive Sanction & License Agreements with Olympic members USA Rugby and USA Volleyball. He is experienced in professional sports ownership and management including in family owned franchises: National Basketball Association, Utah Jazz United States Football League, Arizona Outlaws, World Football League, & Portland Storm.

Mr. Tatham served on USFL Owner Legal and Labor Committees as Owner, President & General Manager, Arizona Outlaws of the USFL (1983-1986)

He was also president, Arizonans for NFL Football (1986-1988). Consultant for new and existing professional sports ventures, leagues, franchises and teams re league formation, franchise acquisition and sale, salary cap issues, new media (1989 – 2005 re football, basketball, soccer, hockey, rugby, volleyball)

Member, California Bar Association
Juris Doctor, Pepperdine Law School (1981)