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Everything you need to know about the RFL revolution

The RFL is a new Major League that will feature the best rugby Sevens International teams and Franchises from US major cities. It will kick off with one tournament in Las Vegas in which 16 teams compete; 12 international teams and 4 US Franchises. The RFL will then target the top 16 US media markets for regular season expansion by 2026 with all 16 Franchises participating.

Las Vegas is an iconic city for sport and entertainment. It has a very successful track record when it comes to Rugby Sevens events with 80,000 people attending the Las Vegas Sevens every year up to 2019. Las Vegas is also a mecca for gaming and betting and is therefore the perfect place to launch our event concept, “Race Track Rugby”.

All RFL tournaments will have significant prize money attached, and each participating team will receive a share. Each match will have a proportionate share of the prize money attached to it, and the ultimate winner of the Las Vegas Champion Sevens will go home with almost $500,000 in prize money. The RFL is currently the world's only Rugby Sevens League to offer an opportunity to participating teams to take home prize at this level.

Race track Rugby is a new fan engagement concept whereby live gaming and betting will be central to the spectator experience in the stadium and at home. How fans experience sport has changed dramatically over the last few years and fantasy games, prediction contests and live betting are now key to the fan experience.. We want to innovate and create a new experience for our fans.

We are building the RFL “for the fans and by the fans” and we want to offer them the possibility to own a share of the RFL. This opportunity is truly unique as investors and fans will receive RFL shares, at no cost, when they buy Las Vegas Champion Sevens 2022 tickets at face value during the Online Public Offer. In addition, they will receive a season ticket for the Las Vegas Champions Sevens. Either ticket can be used or sold back via the RFL, while the holders retain their shares providing them with a potential 100% return on investment.

The RFL target the top 16 Major US Media Markets for Franchise expansion. The RFL will create 4 franchises annually that can be purchased by investors and/or fans. Franchises will create their teams via a draft system whereby top international and US players will be made available to them by the RFL. Ultimately, our vision is to open up the League to major cities outside the US.

In traditional leagues, Franchisees are responsible for most aspects of their participation in a League including players, staff, stadium, matches, marketing and so on. This results in very high costs. To provide League stability, labor cost control, as well as relieve franchisees of the traditional model franchisee burdens, the RFL will own and operate the events and contract the players. The Franchisees can then simply enjoy the Franchises and put all of their energy into building their teams without the financial and operational headaches and potential risks.

The RFL’s vision is to harness the booming gaming and betting market together with a dynamic sport, which is growing exponentially in the US, to create the next major league franchise opportunity in a league that will both Prosper & Survive. The combination of the RFLs financial Smart Start Model coupled with a dedicated focus on digital fan engagement and disruptive content will create a completely new experience for fans and a major opportunity for sponsors and investors.

The RFL events will combine the party atmosphere of Rugby Sevens and the Kentucky Derby events. It will be a highly entertaining and interactive experience for fans. Our intention is to create a festival atmosphere that will showcase the game and shine a light on the host city’s culture and community.

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