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Race Track Rugby

The RFL is the first League in history created to deliver a truly new fan experience combining the energy of Rugby Sevens events with the excitement of recently legalized sport betting, in a new, immersive and integrating offering.

Race Track Rugby Highlights

  • Betting focused

    The RFL will work with leading betting tech providers to deliver this ground-breaking betting proposition taking advantage of new innovations and gamification developments #racetrackrugby

  • Race Track format

    A day at the horses: with 7 hours of non-stop 14 minutes games, RFL’s Race Track Rugby offers live and online bettors a “day at the races" opportunity

  • The Atmosphere

    Rugby sevens is a high energy, raucous party full of fun…the RFL offers Race Track Rugby…the Kentucky Derby of team sports…

Sanctioned League

The First and Only

The RFL will be the first and only international Rugby Sevens League that will leverage America’s newly legalized sport betting laws.

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The RFL is one of the most innovative business, sports and gaming models to hit the stage in the USA perfectly timed and aligned with recently legalized online sports betting.